Two Young Entrepreneurs Use Bead Co. To Feed Medical Heroes

 Selling 85 jewelry kits at $15, a company established in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs has raised nearly $1,300 to feed nurses and doctors with a Feed the Front Line fundraiser. 

“We have always been entrepreneurial,” said Eleanor Hughes, who with Lila DeVega started the jewelry company, Bead Co., when they were just 11 years old. 

They now are rising seniors at Highland Park High School

“It was a popular thing in our middle school to have the fun little jewelry company. Me and Eleanor have always been really creative, so we took it to the next level and continued it,” DeVega said. 

With the global pandemic allowing more time, the girls made improvements to provide easier access for their customers. The girls created a website allowing customers to make orders and pay for jewelry online. Visit 

They also saw a need in the community and wanted to give back during these hard times. 

“We wanted to do as much as we can to help the people that are helping us,” DeVega said. “Both of our cousins are in the medical field, so we heard firsthand experiences about how long the days can be at work and all of the things that goes on in the hospitals, so we decided that we wanted to give back to them.” 

 The girls used their existing inventory of supplies and put together bead kits that were sold with all proceeds going directly to feed the front line. 

Fundraising surpassed more than double their initial goal of $500. And with the food for medical workers purchased from local restaurants, the girls were able to help struggling business owners, too. 

“We really have expanded our business more than we ever had,” Hughes said. “We are really excited to keep our business growing.” 

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