Best of 2019: Tornado Coverage Began in a Linen Closet

Any look back at our biggest stories of the year would be incomplete without mentioning the EF3 tornado that struck North Dallas on Oct. 20, winding its way west to east from I-35 to U.S. 75 and beyond.

Our tornado coverage began from Deputy Editor Bethany Erickson’s linen closet, where she hunkered down with her family as the tornado narrowly missed her neighborhood, and hasn’t really stopped since.

But in that time, and despite the tremendous destruction, a theme of gratitude emerged. There were no fatalities. Dallas ISD was able to do the miraculous and get 3,000 students back in school within days. Longtime patrons of local merchants gave encouragement as they worked to reopen.

Neighbors rolled up their sleeves and began helping each other immediately, offering places to stay, rides to other locations, help packing up. In fact, so vital and immediate was that assistance from neighbors and community members that we named them our Persons of the Year this year.

You can read our tornado coverage here.

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