Forum to Discuss Community Recovery After Disaster

Even if you’ve never been directly affected by a natural disaster, you may wonder what the aftermath will be for those in your community who suffered. What will our workplaces, schools, and homes look like? How do we move forward as a community after such a trauma occurs?

The Dallas Architecture Forum will explore this issue on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at Dallas Black Dance Theater with the “Disaster Recovery – Helping Communities Come Home,” installment of the Panel Discussion Series.

“Recently, with the increase in frequency and damage caused by natural disasters we are faced again and again with pressing questions of how to recover. How can we effectively return people to work, school, and home?” -Forum Executive Director Nate Eudaly.

Revolving around real-life examples, including the recent tornado, it will look at how civic and governmental organizations can use policy and design to help communities recover after natural disasters. Guests can expect to learn about urban planning, disaster response, and urban forestry from experts including AECOM Associate VP Steven Duong, buildingcommunityWORKSHOP Executive Director Benje Feehan, City of Dallas Senior Emergency Management Specialist Travis Houston, and Texas Tree Foundation President/CEO Janette Monear.

Moderated by Emily Henry, landscape architect and principal at Studio Outside, the free-entry panel discussion will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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Dalia Faheid

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