Spanish Sculptor

Embrace III, 1991. Iron. (Courtesy photo)

Dallas’s first exhibition dedicated exclusively to one of Spain’s most celebrated modern sculptors is now on display at the Meadows Museum at SMU.

The Eduardo Chillida exhibition, which shows through June 3, includes 66 of the artist’s works, from his sculptures to his drawings, collages, graphic works, and a selection of his books.

The display focuses on the mature part of Chillida’s career, when he produced works such as Peine del Viento XV (Wind Comb) in 1976 and Elogio del Horizonte (Eulogy to the Horizon) in 1990, while also presenting important, rarely displayed works.

In Praise of Water, 1987. Ink on paper and thread. (Courtesy photo)
Lurra M-32. 1996. Chamotte clay. (Courtesy photo)

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