HP Changes Construction Permit Extension Rates

Administrative extensions of construction time periods in Highland Park are now $250/day and Town Council extensions are $500/day, effective June 6.

An administrative extension is one that requires 90 or fewer days, and Town Council extensions are for construction periods beyond 90 days. Previously, extensions were 25% of the original permit fee for administrative and 50% for Town Council.

“This ordinance allows for the prepayment of penalty fees associated with building permit extensions beyond the legally allowed 24 months to complete major residential construction projects,” town director of development services Hugh Pender said.

The Town Council approved an ordinance with this change as part of its consent agenda at the June 6 meeting.

“The purpose of the penalty fees is to protect (Highland Park) and its residents from the disruption related to major residential construction projects and to motivate the timely completion of major residential construction activities,” Pender said.

Building permit extensions must be purchased in minimum 15-day increments.

New home construction permits are $2.60 per square foot, and remodel/addition permits for homes are $1.20 per square foot.

In other news, during the June 6 study session, the Town Council:

  • Reviewed and discussed a request to extend the construction time period for a new single-family residence in the 3900 block of Lexington Avenue.
  • Reviewed, discussed, and approved a contract with XIT Paving and Construction for the Mockingbird Lane reconstruction project.
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