Mural Painter Has Fond Memories of Preston Hollow Elementary

Katie Mayborn Fuerst credits art teacher’s influence for inspiring her career

From the pop graffiti of Deep Ellum to the Texana frescas of Fair Park, it’s no secret Dallas fosters one of the most vibrant urban art cultures in the country.

It seems no matter what part of the city you find yourself in, there’s no shortage of eye-catching and original wall art to appreciate – many of these serving as colorful backdrops to fun photos with friends and family.

Within this growing metro gallery of mural artisanship, Oak Cliff serves as a focal point for new artists, two of which emerged from our community of painters here in Preston Hollow.

Katie Mayborn Fuerst and Margaret Tipton created a vibrant local-inspired mural in Oak Cliff at 710 W. Davis entitled “Dallas Postcard.”

“As a local artist, I do all sorts of custom work,” Katie said. “But I love doing murals on the side.”

Katie has an interesting relationship with Preston Hollow and Dallas. She grew up going to Preston Hollow Elementary, then after sixth grade, transferred to a junior high in Oak Cliff to get a broad cultural experience in a new neighborhood.

She then further explored her education at Texas Tech University before landing at the University of North Texas, where she received her bachelor’s degree in art.

“Of course, one of my finest teachers ever was the one I had at Preston Hollow Elementary,” Katie said. “Mr. Corley, the art teacher. He was absolutely phenomenal.”

Hailing from a long line of artists, Katie came upon her profession honestly but credited both Corley and Preston Hollow Elementary with playing a large part in discovering her passion.

“[Mr. Corley] was with us for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade at Preston Hollow. He was a huge influence on my career.”

The area continues to serve as a canvass for Katie’s creativity. By day, she works at both JoJo Mommy and the Highland Park Scots Shop, creating custom and original pieces of art and apparel for the community. In her free time, she plots and sketches her next larger-than-life mural.

“Margaret and I definitely plan on doing more murals in the future. I have one on my sketch pad at home that is bomb,” Katie said. “We just need to find a wall to put it on.”

She has a range of ideas, from other Dallas-inspired pieces to abstract paintings. She and Margaret are on the lookout to spread their creativity and are grateful to live in a community that promotes so much growth in their endeavor.

“This is a perfect area for emerging artists,” Katie said. “I love Preston Hollow.”

Katie is finally back in the area after several years of raising her family in Lake Highlands. Margaret is currently away at Texas Tech University, but the pair plan on conquering the exterior-framed mediums of the area as soon as they reconnect.

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