DIFF to Screen Student Films Online

Had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dallas International Film Festival would be in full swing this week. So would its annual showcase of short films directed by local high school students.

While the festival as a whole has been postponed, the student films will proceed via a free online program beginning Thursday on the DIFF Facebook page.

The five-day series includes a different compilation of student shorts screening each day at 6:30 p.m. Among the high school filmmakers are four from Hockaday, three from Alcuin, and three from Parish Episcopal.

More specifically, the four Hockaday shorts will conclude Saturday’s program, including projects from Brooke Adams (Angel), Abby O’Brien (Le Corbeau), Lucy Roberts (Rosey Frames), and Haley Coleman (Jackie).

Parish takes its turn on Sunday with a trio of films from directors Jared Miller (Sleeper Agent), Kenneth Borders (The Pen), and Lauren Chappell (On the Ropes).

The event wraps up on Monday with a block including shorts from Alcuin filmmakers Max Nathan (Steel Dreams), Katie Baxter (Haiku), and Stanley Turner (The Perfect Ask).

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