After College, What Will You Make?

Most college students are on a tight budget for four (or more) years, making minimum wage at the pizza place on campus, but when graduation comes, who’s earning the most dough?

A recent study by SmartAsset identified schools where graduates earn the highest average starting salaries. 

SMU and the University of Texas at Dallas ranked in the top 10 for the state but not nearly as high as Rice University in Houston where graduates average $69,200 at their rst “real” jobs.

SMU ranked seventh with its new grad- uates topping $57,000.

UT Dallas came in 10th with its graduates topping $55,000.

The average starting salary for graduates of Texas colleges and universities is a little more than $51,000.

“Earning a college degree can increase your skillset, job prospects, and net worth,” –

“But with rising college costs, where you choose to get that degree from can make a big difference.”

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