Looking Ahead to Thinking Back

This month, we honor the SMU Police Department as Newsmakers of the Year for their tireless efforts to find one of their fallen brothers. In a year when police behavior was a constant source of debate, we are proud to recognize one instance in which their actions are beyond reproach. We know there are many more.

Choosing a newsmaker of the year has led to much reminiscing on the year that has passed. Thoughts turned to the stories and people that affected us most. Of course, reflection on 2016 inevitably leads to the presidential election.

Back in September, I was walking down a sidewalk in downtown Dallas when a chopper motorcycle came racing up the street. The rider had long flowing hair, a tattered tank top, and the Marshall Tucker Band blaring from his speakers.

Can’t you see, can’t you see, what that woman, she been doin’ to me.

I thought I’d stepped into a time warp, an extra from the set of Easy Rider appearing out of nowhere. The older man glanced my way, turned the corner, and rode back in time, I can only assume.

Was he longing for the past or did he never leave? How do the events of this year compare to the other turbulent times he must have seen?

Only time will tell how 2016 has changed us. I can’t help but ponder how I will remember this year when I’ve traveled as many miles as the guy on the chopper.

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