Perots Proclaim “We Believe” in St. Philip’s

The Perot family and St. Philip’s School & Community Center officials celebrated kicking off a $50 million “We Believe” capital campaign on May 11. The Perots made a $3 million contribution, so there are just a few more millions to go folks.

“We believe future leaders are here, and it’s up to us to inspire their learning and their spirit,” Nancy Perot said in a press release. “Please join my family in building a financial foundation that will allow St. Philip’s to thrive and grow for future generations.”

St. Philip’s has been serving South Dallas since it was founded as a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas in the 1940s. The school, started in the ’60s, serves students from 70 Zip codes from across North Texas.

Funds will be used to recruit staff, increase tuition assistance programs, build new athletic facilities, expand its community footprint, and create sustainable funding for after-school programs.

Highland Park residents Diana and Todd Maclin and University Park residents Tina and Dan Stansbury Jr. will join Nancy Perot and Rod Jones as campaign co-chairs.

“St. Philip’s has been in a hand-to-mouth financial position for most of the past 30 years,” Todd Maclin said in the release. “It’s time to elevate our mission. The ‘We Believe’ campaign supports a cornerstone in South Dallas that reaches more than one community. Its impact can be felt throughout North Texas in all of our neighborhoods.”

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One thought on “Perots Proclaim “We Believe” in St. Philip’s

  • May 24, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    Thank you for donating to this school. It is such a gem in our Dallas community. I just recently met someone who had to take his daughter out of the school because he could not afford to have both of his children going there. He and his wife both work in the medical field and yet they cannot afford it. That should be unacceptable for all of us. This is the school we all need to invest in.


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