BVB Recap: Good Cause is Good Motivator

Who's ready for a little BvB? (Staff photo: Tanner Garza)
Who’s ready for a little BvB? (Staff photo: Tanner Garza)

Our former reporter (and HPHS grad) Margaux Anbouba may be editorial manager of The Joule Hotel’s magazine 1530 Main these days, but we’ve roped her back in to tell us about her season with BvB Dallas.

Going to school at Highland Park has taught me many things, including this kernel of truth: there are natural-born athletes, and then there are the rest of us. And while I wasn’t gifted with even an ounce of athletic prowess, I did inherit another characteristic many of my peers also have — the desire to make a difference in the world.

This feeling has driven me to dedicate countless hours to organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, CASA, and of course, BvB Dallas. After all, raising money for a good cause (all while having fun) is one of the only things that can get me off my couch and running around in 100+ degree heat.

Last week was a pretty special one for our organization. After eight years (and more than 700 participants) we passed the milestone of raising $2 million as an organization. But we don’t want to stop there — we’re looking to raise a total of $600,000 this year in just 10 weeks.

To keep the momentum going, fundraising chair Dani McArthur came up with a sweet incentive for Bru Crew members—every team member who became game-day eligible (a.k.a. raised at least $1,000) would be able to pie a member of leadership in the face. Sounded like a good deal since I was near the $1,000 mark. One tiny detail — I’m also a member of the BvB leadership team.

I’m going to say something that probably won’t come to a shock to you: I walked into Sunday’s practice a little overconfident. Not only was I going to be able to pie one of my fellow leaders in the face, I was also convinced that I wouldn’t be getting any pies in, well, the pie hole. Oh boy, was I wrong.

I gleefully pied defense coach Rodney in the face. Easy. But what I didn’t expect was that he decided to return the favor. And so did two other game-day eligible coaches. So I’d like to use this platform to make an announcement: Nate, Simon, and Rodney, you better watch out — my revenge will be sweeter than pie.

Interested in attending the BvB game at the Cotton Bowl or learning more about the organization? Head on over to

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