Huffines Reportedly Challenges Carona

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Highland Park resident Don Huffines will challenge state Sen. John Carona in the Republican primary. Even though Huffines is not directly involved with his family’s car business, if he wins, I’m calling dibs on the headline “Huffines Has It.”

2 thoughts on “Huffines Reportedly Challenges Carona

  • January 18, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Texas Senator John Carona: Why I will never vote for you.

    1. it appears all you want to do is fight President Obama. Well, Texas has enough problems, for example Robinhood. If you want to join the circus in Washington, then run for U.S. Senator;

    2. And most important, because you have ties associated with HOA’s (Home Owners Associations) in which I believe grossly infringe on private property rights, free speech, and the American Dream. Please tell me what you have passed that protects homeowners from some who do not even like the American flag flown and/or who are simply down and out?–122680849.html

    All the best-


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