Get Ready For A Surprise During the July 4th Parade

At yesterday’s Town Council meeting, someone (Will Beecherl, maybe? Apologies.) asked if Beverly Drive would be ready for the Fourth of July parade. Stretches would still be closed, he was told, so the parade’s rerouted onto Euclid and Lakeside instead.

“Well everyone’s going to be at the western corner of Preston and Beverly, anyway,” said town attorney Al Hammack.

Everyone paused.

“There’s a surprise,” he said. “I can’t say much more.”

After the meeting, I tried to pry some more info out of Hammack.

“I don’t have the authorization yet to say what it is,” he added. “But if I get it, I’ll let you know.”

So, get ready? And at least maybe head to Preston and Beverly during the parade to see what’s up?

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