Sarah Johnson Singing, Living Like a ‘Lovinaire’

Park Cities artist grateful for Highland Park High classes, experiences

The name of a new hit single by Park Cities singer-songwriter Sarah Johnson begs a question: What’s a “lovinaire?”

Inspired by “millionaire,” the self-described Americana artist created her new word to convey the idea of being “wealthy or rich in love” versus material things.

“Anything we own or possess will fade away, but what really matters is the love we give and receive,” she explained.

The Highland Park High School alumna (class of ’06) “started to make this lifelong dream a reality” around four years ago and released “Lovinaires” on Feb. 8, timed to take advantage of Valentine’s Day and a Texas tour she took that month.

When naming the song, she considered her future as an artist and thought, “If I’m a starving artist, then at least I’ll be a ‘Lovinaire.’”

The artist describes her songwriting process as “personal and autobiographical.”

“It begins with setting aside time to reflect on how she’s feeling, what she’s going through, and any ideas that come to her,” Johnson said.

She also has a love for creating physical art and hopes to “be a creative entrepreneur in music and art.”

Her Advanced Placement art and photography classes at HPHS helped launch her interest in being creative.

Serving as Student Council president her senior year “taught me a lot in marketing, creating events, leadership, creative problem solving, and organization – all essential parts of a small business,” she said.

She loves to paint abstract acrylic paintings and wants to convey a message with each piece.

Find her work at Casa Costa in Snider Plaza and other galleries throughout the country, Johnson said. “My hope is to inspire people with paintings that bring joy and beauty into homes.” 

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