‘We Strangers’ Premieres at SXSW

AUSTIN — We Strangers debuted March 9 at its world premiere at the Stateside Theatre.

Park Cities native Emily Ruhl is one of the film’s executive producers.

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The premiere brought a seemingly sold-out crowd to view the 80-minute film, followed by a question-and-answer session with members of the We Strangers cast and crew. Attendees started lining up outside of the theater more than an hour before the film’s start time.

We Strangers follows commercial cleaner Rayelle Martin, who’s given an offer to clean the home of Dr. Neeraj Patel in addition to her work cleaning his offices.

Patel also gives Martin an offer to clean his mistress’s home. On the job, Martin lies to the mistress and tells her she can talk to the dead, finding herself in an odd new position of power while providing guidance to her clients.

IMDb’s listing describes the film as “an addictive and haunting study of race, class, and assimilation.”

“I really do believe the film is the thing, and I really want it to speak for itself, but this film came from my underlying feelings about assimilating and code switching and what it does to you,” Director Anu Valia said after the premiere.

“The idea of being a manipulator, or more a chameleon, in spaces is such a superpower, but it also takes from you, and the ability to move seamlessly in spaces that maybe aren’t meant for you is an incredible ability, but what does it cost you?” Valia continued.

We Strangers is one of eight films competing in South by Southwest’s Narrative Feature Competition for premieres showcasing the art of storytelling by emerging voices. Winners will be announced during the 2024 Film & TV Awards on March 13 at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin.

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