New CEO Aims to Take Museum to New Heights

Frontiers of Flight plans include more technology, permanent women’s exhibit

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is still here and has a new CEO who plans on reimagining the museum as a comfortable space for those who love aviation. 

“The museum after COVID was a little bit quiet, and I think folks forgot we were here, so one of the things we are focusing on is revitalization,” CEO Abigail Erickson-Torres said. 

Her team is focusing on the visitor experience by improving accessibility, adding a dine-in space, and bringing in new exhibits.

Advancements in technology will help enrich the experience for guests and create “interaction between the museum-goer and the exhibit itself,” Torres said. That also includes accommodating people who are hard of hearing or speak a language other than English. 

“Our exhibits are going to look a little different both in the technology we bring in and design because I want people to feel something when they walk in that says, ‘I belong here,’” Torres said. 

Plans include partnering with Southwest Airlines to redo the insides of the Southwest planes in the museum. 

A new children’s area will ensure kids have fun, while the bookstore will be reimagined along with the front so visitors feel welcome during arrival.

“One of the things I’m hoping to do is bring the woman’s perspective into the museum, so that means a permanent women’s exhibit,” Torres said. 

She envisions a new program to help girls learn about aviation career opportunities, such as becoming pilots, mechanics, and astronauts.

Torres’ goals include a “women and girls membership connect” to help girls decide what path to take in aviation. The girls will meet one-on-one with “people from aerospace industry.” 

She also plans on establishing a membership group where “every quarter folks get together to talk about” their love for aviation and raise money for the Jan Collmer scholarship fund.

Amidst all this change, Torres emphasized traditions she wants to keep, including annual events celebrating the landing of the moon and honoring veterans. 

Special events happen throughout the year, and in April, the museum plans on hosting about 5,000 people to view the eclipse. The event will include food trucks, entertainment, and educational displays and activities. 

Want to help the museum?

“There’s a great opportunity for people to come in and adopt a plane (to) make sure it’s being well taken care of,” Torres said. “It’s the people who really are the heart of the museum.”

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