The Dallas Foundation, in partnership with Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Awards $455K in Local Nonprofits

The Dallas Foundation celebrated North Texas Giving Day by awarding a total of $445K to nonprofits in the Water Cooler at Pegasus Park — $10,000 for the organization’s use and $5,000 to award to another organization not in the Water Cooler.

The Water Cooler at Pegasus Park is a more than 175,000-square-foot space home to 35 social impact organizations, sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies and managed by The Dallas Foundation.

North Texas Giving Day is a day in which countless nonprofits compete and fundraise for donor dollars. Our hope was to show that through partnership and camaraderie, Water Cooler tenants can not only make an impact for themselves but they can pass along that spirit of collaboration beyond the walls of Pegasus Park. We are thrilled with the response and look forward to seeing the ripple effect that this has made!” said The Dallas Foundation’s interim President and CEO Julie Diaz.

For more information, visit The Dallas Foundation’s website.

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