A Timeline of Vandelay Hospitality Legal Proceedings

Vandelay Hospitality Group (VHG) settled four lawsuits recently.

Vandelay operates Hudson House, East Hampton Sandwich Co., Drake’s Hollywood, D.L. Mack’s, Slider and Blues, Anchor Sushi Bar, and more. 

Here’s a timeline of the proceedings pertaining to Vandelay and where they stand as of press time:

• A former Drake’s Hollywood manager filed an employment suit in July 2021 alleging discrimination. Vandelay denied the claims in the suit in the media. The lawsuit was settled in August of this year, according to court records.

• A former East Hampton Sandwich Co. executive chef similarly filed an employment suit alleging discrimination in August of 2021. This lawsuit was also settled in August, court documents show. 

• In January of 2023, a trademark infringement lawsuit was filed in California after the opening of Vandelay’s Hudson House in the Los Angeles area near a pre-existing, unrelated restaurant with the same name. The California lawsuit was settled in September, court records show.

• An arrest warrant was issued for Vandelay CEO Hunter Pond in San Miguel County Colorado in January for misdemeanor complaints of harassment and disorderly conduct in connection with an incident in which Pond and his family were walking back to their hotel after attending a wedding there and became frightened by a car that swerved to avoid hitting them, police records show. Pond allegedly found the car, spat on the face of the driver, threatened to pull her out of the car, and yelled expletives, according to a police affidavit filed in Colorado. Pond’s attorney denied the allegations, and the San Miguel County District Attorney’s office confirmed the charges were resolved, and there was no remaining outstanding warrant for Pond. 

• Pond sued the driver from the Colorado incident in January, alleging he was assaulted. This lawsuit was dismissed in April, court records show. 

• A second former Drake’s employee filed an employment suit alleging discrimination in February of this year. This lawsuit persists, and as of press time, court filings show a trial date scheduled for April 2024. 

• Lucky’s Hot Chicken investors filed a lawsuit naming Pond, Vandelay, and home builder Lou Olerio in August in which the investors alleged they raised $1.8 million and didn’t open Lucky’s locations as planned. Lucky’s is no longer listed among VHG’s concepts on the company’s website. This lawsuit was resolved when a notice of nonsuit without prejudice, which allows the plaintiffs to refile the claim later if they choose, was filed Aug. 31. 

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Rachel Snyder

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