Out & About: A Writer’s Garden Barbie Party

Jolie and Bart Humphrey opened their home for a Barbie-themed party Aug. 29 leading up to the A Writer’s Garden Symposium and Luncheon in November.

Hostesses Jolie and Lori Routh, decked out in pink outfits, welcomed guests along with Mari Epperson, who is chairing the symposium and luncheon with Sharon Ballew.

Outside the house, some passers-by stopped and took photos of the entry, including Barbie-themed toys across the lawn, a colorful small pool, and the doorway covered in a pink balloon arch.

Karen Sargent, president of the Women’s Council of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, reminded guests to put their names in a raffle (for a chance to win pocket pruners and flower and fruit snippers with pink handles) and guided guests toward the buffet and bars manned by Bart and Keith Routh.

Supporters included Carole Ann Brown, Giana DePaul, Sarah Jo Hardin, Dorothea Meltzer, Connie Rhoades, Therese Rourk, Susan Scullin, Dyann Skelton, C’Mone Wingo, and more.

Guests took photos in an oversized Barbie box covered in flowers, and Preston Hollow catering provided the buffet of bites and appetizers, which stayed on theme.

Jolie thanked attendees for their support and recognized Judith Hanson, an avid Barbie doll collector, who placed many of her collectible Barbies in displays across the house.

Mari thanked honorary chairs Ann Barbier-Mueller, her daughter Niña Tollett, and daughters-in-law Bridget Barbier-Mueller and Katelyn Barbier-Mueller.

This year’s A Writer’s Garden, which will be Nov. 7 at the Arboretum’s Rosine Hall, is themed “Homes, Hospitality, and Heavenly Gardens.” Tickets can be purchased online at www.wcdabg.org.

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