Pre-Workout Patch Wins ‘Scots Tank’

Six Moody Advanced Professional Studies teams pitch at ‘Shark Tank’-inspired contest

By: Brice Beaird

The Moody Advanced Professional Studies program at Highland Park High School hosted its fourth-annual “Scots Tank” competition.

The event, inspired by Shark Tank, offers a platform for student entrepreneurs to showcase innovative business ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs from the Dallas area. 

First place went to “Power Patch,” a pre-workout skin patch. Group members CEO Caroline Stewart, CFO India Roberts, COO Molly Rapp, and CMO Flora Danielson received a $1,500 business development grant from the Credit Union of Texas.

“The Power Patch adheres right to the skin and allows energizing nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream rather than processed in the liver by pre-workout drinks and powders,” Stewart said. “As a result, the patch does not interfere with digestion like powders and drinks do, which often causes nausea.”

Six student groups, who prepared their business plans during the spring semester, won the opportunity to pitch theirs.

The annual contest lets students apply their learned entrepreneurship and public speaking skills while receiving feedback from established professionals.

Stewart answered a few questions about her team’s winning idea.

What made you decide on an energy patch for your product?

As a lacrosse athlete, I’ve had lots of experience taking traditional pre-workout powders and have found them to be overstimulating and easy to overconsume, which can negatively impact my performance on the field. I wanted to create a product that could give me the energy to fuel my workouts in a more safe and controlled method.

Do you plan to continue 

developing the business?

 I’m attending college at the University of Georgia next year, so it would be tough to begin development with my team living back in Dallas. However, we plan to get a provisional patent on the Power Patch as soon as possible so we can protect our idea until we can create it. At that point, we would get in contact with the connections we’ve made through the MAPS program for potential investments.

Do you believe the MAPS 

program has laid a foundation for your success? 

The MAPS program has transformed my presentation skills and ability to engage with professionals. Observing their confidence and body language has taught me how to exude a powerful presence when presenting my company, the Power Patch. The program has also helped me create valuable connections with local investors and entrepreneurs, who I hope to stay in touch with in years to come. Finally, the MAPS Business Design and Leadership program has helped solidify the career I foresee myself pursuing: working in the legal side of a venture capital or private equity company.

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