Preston Hollow Women’s Club to Hold Membership Drive, Celebrate 43rd Year

The Preston Hollow Women’s Club will begin its membership drive for the 2023-24 year on June 15.

May 31 marked the end of the Preston Hollow Women’s Club’s 43rd year. The club, now consisting of 330 members, was founded in 1980 to promote friendship, information sharing, and relationship building among women living in the Preston Hollow area.

In past years, the club has raised money for the benches in the Preston Hollow Park, the street sign toppers that designate “Preston Hollow,” and other causes in the area. For the past six years, however, PHWC has supported a Dallas ISD neighborhood school, Preston Hollow Elementary. The club has raised money for improvements to the school’s infrastructure, such as electronic marquees for the front of the school and bleachers for the soccer field.

The pandemic changed the school’s needs, and in 2020, the club began a project in collaboration with the school to improve the lives of students and teachers. The Outdoor Learning Classroom was born from the need to get students and teachers outside for a change of setting during the time of social distancing.

Fundraising for this project began during the 2021-22 school year and the first phase began in May 2022. This included drainage, installation of a sidewalk, a synthetic turf ground cover, and hard scape paver surfaces.

“Having a safe outdoor space to play and learn has done wonders for the attitudes of our learners and teachers,” vice principal Dr. Andrew Barbee said. “We are forever grateful to the members of PHWC for providing the funding for this space and for caring about our neighborhood school.”

Additional fundraising continued through the 2022-23 year, with the funds going toward four “makers tables” that will offer students workspace for various types of outdoor projects. Twelve convertible benches will also be installed during the summer.

“It’s been an honor and joy to help one of our neighborhood schools with this special classroom area,” PHWC philanthropy chair Cindy Langford said.

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