Letter to the Editor

Please help our police!

I am an eighth grader at Parish Episcopal School and the senior patrol leader of Boy Scout Troop 80B (founded by Highland Park Presbyterian Church). 

I live in Preston Hollow, and there are so many issues I am concerned about for our city.

One thing that bothers me is that we are defunding our police. We don’t have enough police, and the city doesn’t treat them well. I want to join the military one day and maybe have a career in law enforcement. But I see how police officers are treated, and it makes me not want to join and serve my community. It is horrible that we are treating the ones who will lay down their lives for us so horribly and disrespectfully.

About three years ago, we had someone steal from our house. The police never did show up, and they never caught the person. My parents had to hire a private detective because the police said they had too much work.

If we want a police force that can help the people they are supposed to protect, we need to give them the right resources, so we can feel safe and know that the police will and can do everything they can to help you and others.

Aleksandr Stotland, Dallas

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