Mark Cuban Brings Audience ‘Good Vibrations’

If you told me when Mark Cuban appeared on season two of Shark Tank that I’d be shaking his hand on my way to the bathroom at the Winspear Opera House almost 12 years later, I’d be shocked. 

To be fair, I still was, but that’s what can happen when our Preston Hollow neighbor and Dallas Mavericks owner is the featured speaker of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s annual meeting.

His Shark Tank persona is just as ambient in person, engaging the packed room of business leaders while covering topics from prescriptions to politics followed by some lightning speed questions in a fireside chat moderated by The 19th CEO Emily Ramshaw.

Cuban comically (but shamelessly) plugged, which has been in business for about a year now — but he is onto something. The brand sells prescription medication through its online platform and keeps prices low by taking what the company pays for drugs, adding a 15% markup, a $3 pharmacist fee, and $5 for shipping, and makes these numbers transparent.

In fact, he said Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall compiled a list of the generic medications the team bought in 2021 and 2022 priced over $165,000. If those were purchased through Cuban’s site, they would have cost $19,000 – almost $150,000 less.

He also insisted that a presidential run isn’t in his future. He seems too busy tapping into new industries.

“How many more are you going to try?” Ramshaw asked.

“As many as I can,” Cuban said.

During the speed round, the already lighthearted discussion went down a fun trail. He shared what song he’d listen to for the rest of his life (“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys), the influx of sweets in his pantry, that email is the most used app on his phone and TikTok remains a “bathroom utility,” and one of his favorite parts about owning the Mavericks: “When there’s a game winning shot, I get to run on the court and jump in the pile and not get arrested.”

The last question: What do you want to be remembered for?

“Being a good dad,” Cuban said.

Although sappy, a sweet note to end on.

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