Love Field to Host Emergency Response Exercise

Dallas Love Field will conduct a full-scale simulated aircraft disaster exercise from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022. More than 200 employees and volunteers are expected to participate in the Federal Aviation Administration mandated-triennial exercise.

The airport is conducting the exercise in partnership with Love Field tenants, local and regional emergency response agencies, and commercial air carriers. It will evaluate operational and response procedures utilized by various agencies expected to respond to an on-airport property emergency.

The exercise will include a disaster scenario, multiple area emergency response vehicles, and personnel. Volunteers serving as “mock victims” will also be onsite in make-up (moulage) relevant to their assigned “condition.” 

The exercise will not affect commercial flights and will take place on the airfield isolated from active flight operations. Passengers, neighbors, and nearby drivers may see increased activity in the form of fire, smoke, loud noises, and emergency vehicles coming to and from the airport during the drill but should not be alarmed or contact 911.

A full-scale, real-time simulation is meant to helpmaximize the effectiveness of emergency response, multi-agency coordination, and interoperability.
Should a disaster ever occur at Dallas Love Field, this training is meant to enhance first responders’ ability to quickly integrate in a unified effort to save lives, fight fires, contain hazards, preserve evidence, assist victims, inform the public, and begin an investigation and evaluation process.

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