Kips Bay Decorator Show House Pauses Construction Following City-Issued Order

A “stop work order” sign is posted outside of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House site at 9250 Meadowbrook Drive. PHOTO: Maria Lawson

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House site has a “stop work order” sign outside of the property instructing the homeowners and contractors to halt construction.

People Newspapers’ efforts to get an explanation from city offices is ongoing. Andres Espinoza, director/chief building official for the city of Dallas, is currently looking into it for us.

However, Leland Burk, president of the Inwood Northwest Homeowners Association, called it a permitting and zoning issue.

Decorator Show House organizers didn’t get proper permits for construction nor check on proper land use ordinances, Burk claimed.

He also said that the Dallas City Attorney’s Office determined the event is an improper land use as the home at 9250 Meadowbrook Drive and neighborhood are not equipped to handle the traffic and crowds expected over the exhibition’s one-month run.

“With thousands of visitors expected in the neighborhood at the Kips Bay show house daily for more than four weeks, strong partnership and alignment with both the neighborhood and the city would have been crucial,” Burk said.

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House is an annual event that celebrates interior design by turning a luxury home into an exhibition of furnishings, art, and technology. This year’s show house is slated to open Sept. 22.

Kips Bay Decorator House, the homeowners, and the City of Dallas city attorney offices did not yet respond to voicemails and emails asking for comment.

We’ll update this story as we learn more.

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