Letter to the Editor

Disheartened reader

I was disheartened by this paper’s reporting of the community’s views on masks in the last edition. There are reasoned opinions on both sides of the masks debate. This paper could have (i) searched those views out from residents in the park cities, (ii) reported on them, and (iii) provided a comprehensive, nuanced analysis. 

For example, one of the mask stories was prefaced with a bombastic screenshot from Facebook (hardly a venue for anything of substance or meaning) about the protest in front of Clay Jenkins’ home and above a story entitled “What Neighbors Are Saying.” A Facebook screenshot of only a portion of a comments feed is not “what neighbors are saying” in this community. 

This kind of reporting is a microcosm of the systemic problems in news/reporting across our country and takes away from the actual story you wrote. Instead of providing both sides of an issue and letting the reader decide, this paper chose the sensationalist route.

Please do better in reporting on issues in our community during these turbulent times in which we are all living.

Evan Baker, Highland Park

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