Dancing Highland Park Sweethearts ‘Still Having Fun’

Larry and Kathy Helms have been dancing together for 55 years, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

The Highland Park couple met in high school and have been dance partners ever since.

We love to dance. It is so much fun, and we love music.

Larry Helms

Kathy was a Baptist when they first met, so it was up to Larry to lure her into dancing shoes and get her boogying.

The lovebirds enjoy the physical and mental benefits of dancing, as well as the romance of it.

The song “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry never fails to get their feet moving. 

“We love to dance,” Larry said. “It is so much fun, and we love music. We always dance at parties when there is a band.” 

In June, the Helms competed in the finale of the Diamond Dance-Off hosted by The Senior Source, which advocates for the DFW senior population.

Participants submitted dance videos, and people went online to vote for their favorites.

Larry and Kathy stole viewers’ hearts and made it to the final, in-person competition held at Klyde Warren Park, where they received the Dollars and Diamonds Award for raising the most money for The Senior Source. 

“We’ve been supporters of the Senior Source for about 30 years,” Larry said. “The dance-off celebrated their 60th anniversary, and it was just something we thought we could do to help promote awareness for the organization and all the great programs they have for seniors.”

The dance-off also provided an excellent outlet for Larry and Kathy during the pandemic. It kept things light and gave them a bigger goal to focus on, they said. But what was Larry’s favorite part of the competition?

“Dancing with Kathy, of course,” he said. 

Just like the song they danced to in the competition, for Larry, Kathy is “Still the One” he wants to dance with through life.

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