Best of 2020: Dreaming of The Charles

In May, restaurants had been relegated to curbside and take out service only, and the day when they would be able to welcome guests again seemed far off. It was a yearning to have dining be an experience, and not an impersonal pickup from your car so you could plate it at home that drove Kersten Rettig to write about The Charles.

Rettig picked this piece as one of her personal favorites to write for 2020, saying that she wrote thinking about “what was it like for one of Dallas’ most popular restaurants to ‘go dark,’ and what will it be like when the lights come back on.”

“When I wrote this, all I could do was dream because we didn’t know when it would reopen,” she said.

Readers also nominated this piece for our People’s Pick for Best of 2020, too.

“It was poetic, and said a lot without an extra word. Great writing,” one respondent said.

Read the story here.

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