Take Part in DMA Artwork: Submit Clip of Your Pandemic Experience

Submit a clip encapsulating your life during the pandemic era, from cooking dinner at home to online connections with loved ones, and be featured in the Sound of the Earth: The Pandemic Chapter artwork by Yuri Suzuki.

The DMA’s new globally crowdsourced work will be the virtual version of Sound of the Earth: Chapter 2, Suzuki’s installation for the speechless: different by design exhibit, a black spherical sculpture where visitors could hear the sounds by placing their ear against the surface.

Sounds will be mapped onto a virtual rendering of the globe based on the location in which they were captured, culminating in a dynamic audio experience of the lives of people around the world.

DMA officials hope the new digital artwork will serve as a living record of the pandemic, “promoting interactivity, fostering empathy, and—in this time of isolation—bridging the distance between us through the medium of sound.”

“In this moment of tremendous change and uncertainty, we wanted to create an open platform for people to express themselves and to capture our shared experience of the fleeting moments around us during this period. Through our collective observations and the simple act of listening, we hope to provide participants with a moment of global shared empathy and a means of connection,” said Sarah Schleuning, Interim Chief Curator and The Margot B. Perot Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design.

Sound submissions can be uploaded as audio or video files here. The work will go live on Monday, May 4.

Dalia Faheid

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