Match Will Match Your Dinner Bell Donation

Dallas-based Match announced Wednesday they will make a $15,000 donation to Dinner Bell Foundation, and also match an additional $15,000 in donations from individuals and businesses.

The local foundation was created by Pecan Lodge owners, Justin and Diane Fourton, in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. The foundation provides meals to first responders and healthcare workers serving on the front lines, and partners with local restaurants to help keep their doors open.

“The COVID-19 healthcare crisis has changed our communities in ways that are unimaginable,” said Hesam Hosseini, cEO of Match. “Core to our mission at Match, we believe human connection and love are needed in a time like this. We can’t think of a better way to show love to our local community than supporting the heroes on the front lines.

“Our donation and matching funds to Dinner Bell Foundation will connect local restaurants to healthcare workers and first responders, and hopefully unite us during a time of separation.”

“We are proud to see a Dallas-based company like Match step up to support our community right now,” said Diane Fourton, founder of Dinner Bell Foundation and Pecan Lodge co-owner. “It means the world to us for companies and individuals to see the importance of what we are doing. Their pledge of $30,000 will provide free meals to more than 5,000 first responders and healthcare workers and, perhaps more importantly, lift the spirits of those serving on the front lines of this crisis.”

The dinner bell is a longstanding tradition at Pecan Lodge of letting the first customer “ring the bell” to open the restaurant. Today, it’s now a symbol of providing low-cost, high-quality meals to individuals, families, and organizations in Dallas whenever there is a need. The foundation is ringing the bell in two ways: feeding the heroes serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic response, and providing supplemental bridge funding to independently owned local restaurants.

Match is asking the community to join them by donating to Dinner Bell Foundation now through April 30. For every dollar donated by the community, Match will match it, up to $15,000. To donate, go to

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