Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society Landmarks Five Homes

The Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society (PCHPS) recently landmarked five historically or architecturally significant homes.

They include the home of Susan and James Gibbs at 4229 Arcady Ave., Nancy Shelton at 3913 Miramar Ave., the home of Leonore and Jason Owsley at 3400 Drexel Drive, the Wesley House, which is at 3220 Daniel Ave. and serves as the college ministry of Highland Park United Methodist Church, which is run by Sarah and Rev. Andrew Beard, and the home of Mardi and Allen Myers at 3404 Southwestern Blvd.

PCHPS President Marla Boone, Jane Fitch, and advisory board member (and University Park mayor pro tem) Taylor Armstrong joined other home aficionados for ceremonies and an inside look at the renovations and interior design of each home.

“The Park Cities is blessed with an abundance of architecturally significant homes, and our Society strives to preserve them for future generations to enjoy and appreciate,” Armstrong said.

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