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Education: Trinity Christian Academy
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While visiting an event showcasing AI (artificial intelligence) technology in Tokyo, Alan Fandrich imagined what the future of innovation might hold and decided he had the power to shape it himself.

The Trinity Christian Academy student’s passion for technological advancement soon motivated him to build a desktop computer.

Alan then learned his efforts could make a difference in an organization while working as a programmer at an educational software company.

“It became immediately apparent that I would have to learn to be efficient and

manage my stress well, or I would be overwhelmed quite easily,” he said.

Every week, Alan operates the soundboard and projector at Grace Bible Church to ensure services run smoothly.

“I’m glad to have been able to expand my skillset and learn something new that I love doing,” he said.

When he’s not volunteering or working, Alan takes pride in being a musician and athlete.

“To say that I was an all-state musician for orchestra one week, and then to go and win a state championship for wrestling the next is pretty exciting. The hard work that I put in during my years of high school and even before, has paid off.”

In the future, Alan envisions a life of creating novel technologies.

“I’ll want to be working on technology that the world hasn’t even seen yet. I want to be the leading force in a new revolution that will come about in our lifetimes,” he said.

Q: If you could buy a book (or rent a movie) for your neighbor, what would it be and why?

A: I would buy The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism by Naoki Higashida because it explores the mind of a child with special needs and explains what they are truly thinking. I think everyone needs to understand what it means to live with some sort of mental handicap.

Q: What do you love most about your community?

A: After the tornado that devastated the Preston/Royal shopping center and nearly missed our home, I was shocked to see dozens of neighbors around helping move trees and help those that were more affected by the storm. In times of need, it was really encouraging to see others sacrificing their own time without looking for anything in return.

Q: Where is the best place in the Park Cities or Preston Hollow for a power lunch – what do you order?

A: A Big Pizza Sandwich, on white, with mushrooms and Italian seasoning – from Potbellys.

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