Want to Stay Home, But Don’t Want to Cook? Hire a Chef

Conner FitzGerald likes to call himself “your chef-concierge.’’

His services include grocery shopping, cleaning and storing away food, cooking various cuisines based on palettes and dietary needs, juicing, and organizing the pantry and kitchen – basically anything culinary based.

Originally from Mississippi, FitzGerald has lived in Dallas and worked as a chef in and around the Park Cities and Preston Hollow for the last seven years.

“I am very open to different things; I can do Italian or Asian, whatever the client wants, based on their diets.” -Conner FitzGerald

Conner FitzGerald.

He worked at Rockfish while attending the culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas. Many of his restaurant customers asked him to cook for them privately and do other tasks in their homes. Those requests launched his career as a private chef.

He meets up with clients initially to discuss their different diets and restrictions and go over some of their favorite foods.

“I don’t tell customers that there’s just a certain kind of food I can cook,” he said. “I am very open to different things; I can do Italian or Asian, whatever the client wants, based on their diets.”

He cooks full-time, about five to six nights for one family in Highland Park, and has about 10 to 15 more catering clients.

FitzGerald also caters holidays, cocktail and dinner parties, and is available all days of the week as well as for traveling when needed.

FitzGerald prefers the private chef life compared to the restaurant industry because it gives him more free range to cook a variety of dishes and broaden his horizons.

He has a team of 10 to 15 people who help him out and make deliveries.

“The benefit of hiring a private chef is one less thing they have to worry about throughout the day,” he said. “It’s just great for them to come and have a meal on the table, or they can put one in the oven and cook it for 20 minutes while everyone gets ready for dinner.”

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