Dallas Hilton Park Cities To Get $6 Million Renovation

Woodbine Development Corporation plans to invest an additional $6 million into the Hilton Dallas Park Cities hotel.

The 224-room facility on Luther Lane just east of the Dallas North Tollway was built in 2001 and most recently remodeled in 2013. The latest renovations are slated to begin early next year, with an expected completion near the end of 2018.

In June, the hotel became the first property purchased by Woodbine Legacy Investments, a Dallas-based investment firm started by Woodbine Development to buy hotels across the country.

“We really felt like that asset in that location had long-term potential to it,” Woodbine Development managing partner and chief investment officer Dupree Scovell said.

Scovell said the hotel was well maintained by the previous owners, and he considers it the best Hilton property in the Dallas area.

Most of the guestrooms have already been updated and modernized. The latest round of renovations will focus on the restaurant, bar, and meeting spaces. Bathrooms in the guest rooms also will be replaced.

A new culinary team has been installed and the menu has been updated to include healthy options. The goal is to create a destination for professionals to eat lunch or grab a quick cocktail after work.

“We are surrounded by a lot of people who are walking across the street and going to Preston Center,” Scovell said. “We really wanted to change that dynamic by creating a menu and a dining experience that’s easy in-and-out, and tailored for more comfortable and quiet business lunches than those fast-casual options you have in Preston Center.”

Improvements in the meeting rooms and other public areas are intended to attract more local and regional groups like churches, travel clubs, small business conferences, and weddings.

And while new hotels are being built at a record pace in downtown Dallas and the northern suburbs, the area near Preston Center does not have many hotel options, or the space to build more. That provides the Hilton Dallas Park Cities an opportunity to provide a service that most of its neighbors can’t.

The challenge, as Scovell sees it, will be getting the word out and building more awareness.

“This is one of these places that has historically been known as a best-kept secret or a hidden gem, and we don’t really want it to be hidden,” he said.

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