Park Cities School of Music to Give Away Prize Guitar at Talent Show

There are many instruments hung on the walls of Park Cities School of Music (PCSOM): a trombone, a flute, a trumpet, and — for now — one special acoustic guitar, which will be awarded to the winner of PCSOM’s upcoming 5-year anniversary talent show.

Electric and acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, and banjo are often the instruments of choice for kids and adults at PCSOM. PCSOM and their sister school Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts are the only Dallas providers of the Childbloom guitar method, in which music is arranged in parts and students not only learn solo playing skills, but ensemble skills as well. 

According to child development scholar Dr. Hal Grotevant, Childbloom classes “provide individual attention in a low-pressure environment.” The goal is to produce a well-rounded, literate, musician.

PCSOM founder Eva Brandys offers talent evaluations to determine a child’s or adult’s natural tendencies with a variety of instruments. This one-on-one assessment helps students determine where to begin.

The school’s staff instructors, who are required to have a pedagogy degree or higher, teach all genres of music including classical, jazz, and rock. Whether in private, group, or in-home lessons, Eva Brandys, a native of Poland, ensures that PCSOM students are taught through patience, positive re-enforcement, and inspiration.

Her childhood piano lessons within communist Poland helped develop her great discipline yet also revealed what teaching techniques to avoid. Brandys not only emphasizes compassion in the teaching environment but also offers the students stage presence skills and organizes a professional concert setting at the end of each semester in which the students can showcase what they learned.

The celebratory talent show on September 10 in honor of PCSOM’s 5 year anniversary will specifically spotlight vocal talents. All kids between 5-18 can sing one of the songs listed here and walk away with the acoustic guitar that’s hanging in anticipation. Anyone who decides to enroll for the fall semester will also receive a complimentary professional headshot.


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