Other Golden Gals Make Their Mark

From left: Grace Cunningham, Ryan McBride, Susan Adelaide Moore, Farish Mozley, and Amanda White
From left: Grace Cunningham, Ryan McBride, Susan Adelaide Moore, Farish Mozley, and Amanda White

Congratulations to the area Girl Scouts who recently received their Gold Awards. Each girl has worked tirelessly to implement their projects; working a minimum of 80 hours. Each project addressed problems within the local community to ones on a global scale.

Grace Cunningham Troop: 1834 Project: Refugee Transition Video School: Ursuline

Grace worked with teenage refugees from Myanmar to create an informational video to aid future refugees by giving them a basic knowledge of American culture, traditions, technology and daily life.  Her video will be used by the Catholic Charities and St. Patrick’s Refugee Outreach.

Ryan McBride Troop: 603 Project: Inspire With Art School: Hockaday

Ryan addres-sed the lack of art education for children in underserved schools.  She hosted an art camp held at the Pebbles Apartments, a complex for women and children who have been homeless. The camp covered all major art mediums. Each child was given an art box at the end of the camp.

Susan Adelaide Moore Troop: 3010 Project: Helping Heroes School: Ursuline

Susan partnered with Soldier’s Angels, which benefits injured service men and women, to create awareness of the organization. She fashioned “no-sew” blankets which were distributed to injured military personnel who were evacuated without any of their personal belongings.

Farish Mozley Troop: 358 Project: Monday Tutoring School: Ursuline

Farish created the program Monday Tutoring to benefit Walnut Hill Elementary School students who required individual attention to improve their classroom performance. She recruited 40 girls from all grades at Ursuline to tutor more than 100 students every Monday. Ursuline will continue the program going forward.

Amanda White Troop: 1053 Project: Reading For Kids School: Ursuline

Amanda focused on providing educational materials for children at the Ravine School in Guatemala. She created a library for more than 120 students and devised a catalog system that would work with the school’s limited resources and no electricity. Books will be donated annually by a club at Ursuline.

This story also appears in the July issue of Park Cities People

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