Want a Puppy? We Know Who You Should Call

Who could resist those cuddly faces? (Photo: Jennifer Olson)
Who could resist those cuddly faces? (Photo: Jennifer Olson)

YOU GUYS. The Olson family of University Park recently took in a rescue dog without realizing that puppies would soon follow. Nine puppies were born into the family just after Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s where things get really adorable: neighbors on the Olsons’ block have taken shifts to help care for the pups while mom, Jennifer, is out and about at work.

“I could not have done it without the support of my sweet neighbors,” she said.

So far, only three of the puppies have been adopted. That means after July 4, six pups will be weaned and ready for adoption. There are two chocolate-lab males and four black-lab females.

Interested? Email Jennifer here or call 214-497-7503 and let her know. Help these pooches find a sweet home.

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