Lots of Limos Cruising For Christmas Lights

3940 Glenwick Lane
3940 Glenwick Lane

The family and I cruised through the Park Cities last night to look at Christmas lights. We encountered the usual fleet of horse-drawn carriages, but we’d never noticed so many limousines before. We saw them — either traditional models or stretch Hummers — at almost every turn. Is this a new trend, or were we too dazzled by the lights in previous years to notice all the limos?

One thought on “Lots of Limos Cruising For Christmas Lights

  • December 24, 2013 at 11:34 am

    We didn’t notice too many limos on our annual HP carriage ride, but we notice that there weren’t nearly as many decorated houses to appreciate this year. I think the timing of the ice storm probably threw off the schedules for lighting/decorating many of the houses.


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