Will Hartman’s Survivors Drop Lawsuit?

The Highland Park Town Council has called a special meeting for 8 a.m. Friday. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

The Town Council will convene into closed session to conduct a private consultation with the attorney that represents the Town to seek the attorney’s advice about pending litigation, specifically (i) the David Hartman lawsuit, and (ii) the request from Plaintiffs’ legal counsel in the David Hartman lawsuit, to-wit: that the Town agree that all of the Plaintiffs shall immediately dismiss said lawsuit but without prejudice to the re-filing of same.

If I’m reading that correctly — and it’s entirely possible that I’m not, as legalese always gives me an ice-cream headache — it looks like David Hartman’s survivors want to drop their lawsuit against the town. For the uninitiated, Hartman was the first person ever fatally shot by a Highland Park police officer.

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