Graffiti Artists Target Davis Park Tunnel

I’ve been told that using series of threes is more effective, both visually and verbally, when it comes to relaying messages to an audience. Apparently, this rule now applies in graffiti.

Last weekend, the tunnel in Davis Park bared some new artwork, courtesy of a few clever vandals and their stencils. According to a police report, three outlines of Tweety Bird were found along the tunnel, two in orange paint and one in blue paint. The words alongside sweet Tweety read — wait for it — “tweet tweet mother [trucker].”

A second set of graffiti featured three separate paintings of the Blues Brothers. The Saturday Night Live favorites were painted orange and blue, as well. The final piece in the graffiti showcase screamed from the center of the tunnel, “WHAT EVER WHAT EVER WHAT EVER,” painted blue in a block font approximately 3-inches tall. Talk about establishing a motif!

I don’t condone vandalism, but the combination of Tweety, Jake and Elwood, and an orange and blue theme in one setting simply could not be overlooked. Thankfully, the tunnel’s concrete coating is equipped for this type of situation. A good pressure washing should solve the problem, if it hasn’t already been done.

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