Dallas Morning News’ Washington Bureau Chief Can’t Find Words For Naomi Aberly’s House

Naomi Aberly hosted a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee last night at her house on Strait Lane. (I would have been there, but my budget for Wednesday dinners is only $8,500, and the Dems are really strict about these things.) Because President Obama was there, so were a gaggle of White House reporters, including Todd J. Gillman, chief of The Dallas Morning News‘ Washington bureau. Here’s how he (sort of) described the property:

The president arrived at the Aberly home — a hard to describe mansion that looks something like a concert hall or catering facility, with lots of modern columns lit dramatically — about 7:17. Some 90 minutes later, the traveling entourage of reporters and photographers, staff and security rolled out behind the presidential limo.

The Dallas Central Appraisal District values Aberly’s estate at $10.9 million. For comparison’s sake, Toni Brinker’s place across the street is valued at a measley $4.5 million.

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