This Suspect Wasn’t Hard to Track Down

A week ago today, a Highland Park woman was bit on the hand by her own dog. Her husband saw it happen. The couple called 911, and the Highland Park Department of Public Safety sent an ambulance to their home on Cornell Avenue. Because all DPS officers are also cops, there’s a police report for the incident. And, I swear, the report includes the following:

Victim — [name redacted by me] (W/F, DOB 02-10-1946, TXDL [driver’s license number redacted by DPS])

Witness — [name redacted] (W/M, DOB 12-10-1939, TXDL [driver’s license number redacted])

Suspect — [name redacted, but it was listed last name, first name] (K-9/F, DOB 08-01-2005)

Have I mentioned how much I love reading the Highland Park police reports?

One thought on “This Suspect Wasn’t Hard to Track Down

  • April 22, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Would you see my comment at your post about security. Video doesn’t work. Thank you.


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