PH Designer Has Guest Gig at Cowboys Stadium

Meet Leslie Ezelle. I profiled the always friendly, always vivacious Preston Hollow resident and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in 2011, when she was on HGTV’s Design Star, and have never forgotten the way she warmed up a room — a big watch party, as I recall, when she had about 100 different meaningful conversations with 100 different people, left everyone in stitches, sauntered around in stilettos, then screened the episode in which knew she’d booted from the show. She didn’t warn us.

Her four kids’ jaws were on the floor when it happened, but she wanted them to see it, she explained, so they could watch their mom fall down and get back up again.

I want to be her friend so bad, I told someone later. She’s like all the good parts of Dallas rolled up into a single blonde human. And she cusses. She’s also a cancer survivor and the brains behind a 2,600-pound bra that graced City Hall.

Anyway, Leslie went on to be the first winner of fan-favorite show Design Star All Stars. No surprise there. And at the moment, she’s gearing up for a celebrity-guest role this weekend during the Great Big Texas Home Show at Cowboys Stadium.

She’ll give talks and presentations all three days of the event, she says, and she’s also launching a collection of “healing pillows” for women who’ve had mastectomies, and the “ultimate fan cave” for the football-inclined.

Day passes to the expo are just $15.

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