Hillcrest Rallies During Teen’s Cancer Treatment

Romeo Hernandez’s story has a bit of an overlap with that of Kelsey Roberts, the spunky Greenhill sixth-grader Dan mentioned yesterday, because it involves fundraising and bone cancer. Romeo’s situation is far more somber, though, and we’ve been asked to put the word out.

From an email circulating through the Hillcrest community:

Romeo Hernandez is a 15-year-old student and band member at Hillcrest High School. Romeo is also a former student at Preston Hollow Elementary and Franklin Middle School. Recently, Romeo was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma (bone cancer) in his legs. Ewing’s sarcoma affects around 200 teens and young adults each year in the United States.
Due to his cancer treatment, Romeo will miss nine months of school and be away from friends and classmates for most of that time.
Romeo’s supporters have put together Facebook and Twitter pages on his behalf, as well as a donation website, with the goal of raising more than $10,000 for his medical bills. They’re also asking for prayers, good wishes, and words of encouragement online (about a week ago, a Facebook commenter said the young man was getting his third round of chemo that day, with eight more months to go).

More power to you, Romeo.

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