St. Bernard Sports Hosts Skiesta Swap and Sale

I’ve never heard of a “skiesta” before, but I’ve also never been skiing and am unfamiliar with the sport’s terminology. From what I can gather, however, St. Bernard Sports is providing an interesting way to get rid of your unneeded winter sports apparel.

Starting tomorrow and continuing through Jan. 10, bring your gently used sports gear to the Inwood and outlet locations where you get to price the items as you see fit.

More details after the jump.

From Jan. 11-13, the outlet location will hold the sale, and you will get a gift letter for the full amount if your gear sells. If it doesn’t sell you have the option to either donate the items to charity (you’ll be given a tax receipt for the full amount) or pick up your items if you’d like them back.

On Jan. 11  and 12, there will be food trucks and complimentary refreshments to celebrate the sale.

Since most consignment stores and sales price the items for you, I think it’s an interesting concept to let the customer set their own price. There’s obviously no guarantee that you’ll get what your asking for, but what do you have to lose? Why not get a jump start on spring cleaning and make a few extra dollars or get a tax credit while you’re at it?

The full details and rules are here.

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