Art Lovers Should Love Love Field

"In Flight" is in progress.

Yep, more public art is materializing at the airport. This time, it’s by glass sculptor Paul Marioni, who’s slated to finish In Flight —a terrazzo-floor piece on a mezzanine ramp — by Tuesday.

One of 11 new and incoming art installations at Love Field, In Flight depicts a large variety of birds, and is walkable, somehow (pretty cool, too, based on the sketch on page 11 of this PDF). It’ll make its public debut in spring, when the lobby renovation has wrapped and about half of the new concourse is open for business. The entire airport overhaul ends in about two years.

Want to see Marioni in action? I can’t tell you what he’s up to right this second, but here he is at New Jersey’s Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center. The man even has a soundtrack. And here’s a bio.

Update: Many thanks to public art program manager Kay Kallos for spotting this post and sending photos this afternoon. In Flight is currently being polished, she tells me, “so the 27 types of birds imbedded in the terrazzo will stand out.”

Paul Marioni (third from left) and his crew admire their handiwork — soon to be a terrazzo floor — at Love Field.

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