The Legends of Preston Hollow

For our Oct. 26 issue of Preston Hollow People, I wanted to write a Halloween-themed story on creepy legends, ghost stories, and reported hauntings in Preston Hollow. See above title — it would have been amazing. Except for one thing: that article already exists (and I got to write a story on Halloween-themed beauty treatments instead. More on that later).

Anyway, even though I didn’t write it, check out  “The Dark Shadows of Preston Hollow” on Advocate. Between stories of pioneer spirits on Preston Rd. and a Diagon Alley-esque arts and crafts haven on the outskirts of town, it’s pretty haunting…in more ways than one.

Have any spooky stories to add to their 2011 list? Leave ’em in the comment box below, and I’ll post updates tomorrow.

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