Get a Good Look at National Merit Semifinalists

CAMBRIDGE: Elizabeth Souther, Junha Kwon, and Lanie Howard

Today’s paper includes a page full of group photos of National Merit semifinalists from various private schools. That page printed horribly — at least in the copies we got at the office — so I’m posting them all here.

CISTERCIAN: Vimal Konduri, Jess Clay, Benjamin Horlick, Mitchell Weldon, Christopher Vernino, Harold McGraw, Collin Nadarajah, Alexander Echevarria, and Joseph Raff
EPISCOPAL SCHOOL OF DALLAS: Jonathan Stern, Sarah Spellings, Anna Hansell, and Matthew Mrozek
GREENHILL: Arjun Gupta, Lily Renfro, Anton Yu, Lindsay Rawitscher, Rebecca Kuang, Bridget Chan, and Jieyi Cai. Not pictured: James Barnett, Borren Moe, and Ben Packer
HOCKADAY: Nikita Agarwal, Sarah Bruyere, Courtney Burke, Christine Chen, Hannah Crowe, Maya Deshpande, Rebecca Fang, McKenna Gilliland, Maisey Horn, Sarah Nesbitt, Laura-Brynn Neuhoff, Emily Nguyen, Linda Oh, Megan Porter, Kathy Qiu, Maille Radford, Rachel Sassella, Michelle Shang, Sarah Simmons, Mannhi Tran, Lizzie Vamos, Kayla Wilson, Hailey Winston, and Shirley Zhang
PARISH EPISCOPAL: Sahil Vanjan and Chris Ponners
ST. MARK’S: Chandler Burke, William Chang, Aarav Chavda, Ryan Eichenwald, Andrew Graffy, Paul Gudmundsson, Justin Harvey, Niccolo Lazzara, Mitchell Lee, Samuel Libby, Parker Matthews, Rajat Mittal, Rachit Mohan, Arjomaan Mozumder, James Rowan, Milan Savani, Meyer Thalheimer, and Steven Tsai

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