Don’t Tell Extreme Pizza You’re a Giants Fan

Don't forget that you live in Texas and it would be a crime to dislike the Cowboys. Photo Credit: Eater Dallas

Update: Sorry. My inherent distaste for the Philadelphia Eagles made me think of them first.

Extreme Pizza doesn’t like Eagles Giants fans.

No, not those who still have a strong bond with Don Henley of The Eagles tall, mythical creatures.

Extreme Pizza is talking about the Philidelphia Eagles New York Giants.

The Preston Center pizzeria posted a photo of a special combo deal for Dallas Cowboys fans— for just $3.50 you get a slice and a soda.

But if you’re a Redskins or Giants fan, the price is a little higher — about $860 higher to be exact.

Even if you’re completely smitten with RGIII after his debut with the Redskins, I would try to hide your enthusiasm for the sake of a deal.

(h/t: Eater Dallas)

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One thought on “Don’t Tell Extreme Pizza You’re a Giants Fan

  • September 11, 2012 at 10:36 am

    I see nothing in this photo about my beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Nor do I see anything about the Philidelphia Eagles.

    I do see a lot of apostrophes on plural words, however. To the owners of Extreme Pizza: I’d be happy to edit your menus and signage. You can pay me in slices; maybe one for every five mistakes I catch?


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