Anatole Restaurant to Close this Weekend

After a 27-year-run, Hilton Anatole restaurant Nana will close Saturday, to eventually be replaced by a steakhouse called SĒR (pronounced “sear,” I think, but don’t hold me to it).

So on Friday, past Nana chefs Ronald Rosenbaum, Douglas Brown, David McMillan and Antony Bombaci will team up to create a five-course farewell menu, with dishes including “anise and syrah laquered squab breast” and “corn and truffle pudding with squab, farro, and huckleberry boudin (McMillan) — for $75 a head.

Chef Thomas Welther’s take on Nana’s closure and replacement:

It is sad to see the passing of an iconic restaurant like Nana. Dallas, like the rest of the country, has seen a shift in dining habits. Fine dining [and] formal style restaurants have seen a marked decline.

We are extremely proud of all that we accomplished at Nana: the accolades, the fond memories we help shaped for our customers, and the legacy of many young culinarians who cut their teeth at Nana. … We will take all we learned at Nana, expand on it, and build into one of Dallas’ elite restaurants.”

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